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US flag
Janette and Mark Westbrook,
arrival in Portland, Oregon,
Alabama-bound, back in Portland

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Phillip Austin Westbrook, born November 17, 2003, 7 lb, 2.4 oz, 10.5 inches

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In Mark's words:
"...This was another easy
labor for Janette..."

The original Janette arrival pics

Janette's family and Tall Mark
together as one family

Janette and Mark, reunited
at Portland Airport

Janette sampling a
California orange

Janette's pose, demonstrating
competition for Marissa's rep

a PI pic of
"two lovebirds together"

sisters together,
conspiring new feats

Janette just checking
on Mark's behavior
and soon, the wedding!

Janette and Mark Westbrook Nuptials
November 5, 2000, Portland Oregon

"Ceremony of the Coins"

tradition takes over

bound together

Mike Avolio gives blessing!

Mike Stankavich provides humor!

The ladies promise support

no help needed here!

Ah, truly they are one!

Mike A, the couple, Jeff P

the Sponsors, keeping Mark on track

physical height is misleading

Mike and Marissa, proud of their family!

and soon, off to Alabama, in search of adventure and love
as the newly-reunited Westbrook family...

Character poses of Janette as Mark's Love

this hat was made for me

I'm Mark's babe, so back off!

"born in Ilocos!"

"Yep, I'm slim, and you love it"

Alabama is my home!

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