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MAG-ANAK - Benjie and Neil
Benjie, Laine Grae
and Neil Tuchiwsky,
A Fil-Canadian Family in love

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Tuchiwsky,
married 1989
in the Philippines

Benjie and Neil are
now busy
raising a family in Canada


Neil with Benjie's brother, Bonnie
and Neil's
instantly acquired family

Benjie Capistrano Tuchiwsky,
at 23, with bride's maids
Benjie was born and raised in
Balanga, Bataan
matriculated at University of the East

Benjie and her
bride's maids,
at Mom's place in Balanga, Bataan

(an hour late for
the ceremony)

Neil and Benjie's brother,
Bonnie, best man

Neil is an outdoors
sort of guy

Benjie and Lolo Tura,
grandfather loved by all,
who gave away the bride

after the
wedding ceremony
in Balanga
with over 250 attending,

followed by
honeymoon in
Baguio City and
Vigas, Ilocos Sur

Family shots of
Neil, Benjie and
Laine Grae, at age 2

Laine Grae and Benjie,
at Fisherman's Wharf, 1998

The Tuchiwsky Family,
w/relatives from
San Francisco,
last summer

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