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Marites and Philip Moran
Marites and Philip Moran,
The Philippines and Ireland
become one family in Australia,
May 19, 2000

Formal religious union,
San Carlos Cathedral,
Negros Occidental


Father preprares to
relinquish daughter

stranger from foreign land
bonds with father

now Marites belongs to
Phil, or other way around?

A MAG-ANAK couple
flaunting their love

An Irishman stands
behind his woman!

left: Shane and Shauna,
Phils teenagers

Marites provides warmth
and love to Phil

and Phil will do
anything for Marites

start of a journey
down the road of love

Now begins the
sharing of family wealth

Marites prepares for
her family and public

Phil is beginning
to show hunger

Shauna missed the bouquet
but has the admirers

tokens of love
from family and friends

permanent record of
those lucky attendees

traditional symbols of
bondage to each other

earlier preparations for
event of the lifetime

some things a man
can't do alone

Phil's Groomsman, Wayne Duncan,
fixing Phil for the kill

truly a Filipina Princess

Marites and Shauna,
two colors, one family

Phil posing for
his admiring public

Shaun and Phil,
breaking Filipina hearts!
and soon they will
head to Australia
for adventures together...

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