Josephine (Gina) Arroyo Sambo, 1997
now Mrs. Josephine Taylor,
married to Max Taylor, June 8, 1998

January 1998,
Ocean Park, HK
Gina and Max
getting acquainted

Gina, January 1998
Getting to know Gina

Gina and jeepney,
(a happy jeepney)
May 1998

June 1998,
wedding preparations

June 8, 1998, "The Bride"
strong Filipina
character shots

Gina and Max
Wedding Day,
June 8, 1998
Gina and Max
"funnin around,"
before leaving PI

Gina and Max
at home, after Mass
March 1999

Gina's first look
at Ohio snow,
March 1999

Gina and Cindy
(Max's youngest daughter)
March 1999

Gina and Max
at daughter's home
Columbus, Ohio

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