Marissa and Mike

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US flag
Marissa and Mike Stankavich,
a MAG-ANAK journey from Philippines
to the U.S.

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in Makati hotel,
native celebration dance

Marissa and Mike,
exploring Osaka Airport,
with Seattle-bound plane behind

Portland Airport arrival,
surrounded by thousands
of MAG-ANAK well-wishers

Mike and Marissa,
thanking Portland greeters

Portland MAG-ANAK Consul,
Bob Harding,
welcoming Marissa

Bob and Mike,
discussing Mike's neglected
website "memories" pages

Marissa's Reunion,
at Auntie Let's house,
Lourdes, Marissa, Auntie Let

More reunion:
Marissa, Nephew Dominick, Sister Lourdes, Auntie Let,
friend Beaulie, MJ (Maria Josephina), MJ's mom Marilyn
and all lived happily, ever after...

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Marissa Stankavich,

a Filipina far from home,
plucking the Biblical "forbidden fruit"
for the first time
in the wilderness of the
Great Pacific Northwest of America

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