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MAG-ANAK - shipley
US flag
Cherel and Brian Shipley,
together in Baltimore, Maryland, USA

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February 19, 2001, MAG-ANAK Thrift Store Meet
Garrett and Famela Alston,
Cherel and Brian Shipley

Cherel at home,
with feline friends

Cherel is definitely
a Yamaha lady!

"move over,
Hell's Angels!"

Cherel, Brian and
chaperone at scenic
outlook in Baguio

Cherel's sister, Virgie
receiving the
traditonal garter

Cherel's friends and
co-workers at the
weddng reception

chaperone, May
with backup,
an Igorot warrior

Cherel's co-worker, Virgie,
Cherel, Brian,
sister Virgie and Margie

Cherel, Brian
and May,
Nayong Pilipino

Virgie, Brian, Cherel
and chaperone, May
after wedding

Definitely a sleepy
bride and groom
at end of wedding
and they'll live
happily ever after...


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