MAG-ANAK - Odekirk
US flag
Keith and Max Odekirk
from Start to Finish
now together in Northern California

First Live Meeting
Keith and Max Odekirk
after a lifetime of waiting

"I do!"
Max seals his fate
to Keith

Making fruit salad
Keith's specialty
Wedding Eve

The PI #1 Karaoke Star
Keith Odekirk
In the flesh

Expectant Bride and Groom
with the Presiding Judge

Mine View Park,
Place of Romance

Keith Odekirk,
finally arriving at SFO
to meet long-waiting Max
October 1999

proudly surveying her
new salon,
where she hopes to host
many MAG-ANAK Meets!

Max's Keith
bolding planning the future
feasts of fried fish and porker
she will share with Ampee and
other KUMARE/MAG-ANAK folks

("What, no dirty kitchen?")

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