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MAG-ANAK - Eda and Billy
US flag
Eda and Billy Reese,
Together in Southern California

Billy's Eda in
"amber waves of grain"

Eda and Billy's Mom, Leora
recently reunited in Kentucky

Eda (Enanoria) Reese and Billy Reese,
married March 29, 1999
Eda and Billy are now together
in North Hills, California


Billy's Eda,
naturally beautiful

San Fernando Valley
MAG-ANAKER in Paradise

new extended family

Billy and Eda Reese,
a couple together

Eda and Billy Reese,
San Dimas MAG-ANAK Meet,
January 9, 2000

Billy's mom (81 yrs old)
in Carcar, Cebu
with Eda and
admiring driver

Eda Reese in Las Vegas

Eda Reese,
beginning her Vegas
gambling career

Eda says,
"Billy, honey, I don't
think it's working"

Eda says,
"Just two more hours
and I'll get it all back!"

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