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MAG-ANAK - Mary Ann and Mark
US flag
Mary Ann Negre and Mark Weiss
Happy in Baguio!
Soon the USA

Mary Ann Negre and Mark Weiss,
discovering Baguio together
January and February 2000


Mary Ann and Mark visiting
a Baguio radio station

Mark may just stay
in Baguio forever!
(with Mary Ann)

At the Barrio Fiesta,
retracing steps
of the Bacon Bunch
earlier in 1999

Mary Ann comparing Mark
to the traditional
Filipino Indian

Mark wins!

Mark and flute,
soothing an anxious
Mary Ann
who is now worried
about INS delays

Mary Ann and Mark
at Mine's View,
traditional MAG-ANAK
destination for
luck and romance

below (courtesy of Ron Parker):
May 27, 2000, 5:30 PM -- Welcome dinner for Mary and MaryAnn Weiss,
Panda West, Danbury, Connecticut

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