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MAG-ANAK - Julie and Ken
Julie and Ken McDonald
brought together by
the MAG-ANAK Family

Julie and Ken McDonald's
wedding reception
City State Tower Hotel, Ermita, Manila
July 15, 2000

Julie and Ken
together in Tagaytay
February 18, 2000

Ken with Julie
in Cavite, at
Julie's parents' house

Valentine's Day dinner
Seafoods Restaurant,
Bel-Air, Makati

Julie and Ken,
Manila Bay, 2/19
Ken's last night

First tee-shirt photo
2nd edition blue,
Orchid Garden Suites

People's Park, with
Julie's sister-in-law, Susan
Aldwine, Aron, Shermaine

W/Julie's parents,
Charlestina and Jose, and
Julie's cousin, Liza
and they're now
together in Canada...


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