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MAG-ANAK - Doug and Honey
US flag
Honeyvie and Doug,
now together in
Cortland, Ohio

Honeyvie and Douglas Dean,
first official USA family photo

an Ohio MAG-ANAK family
July 2001

Honeyvie Traspaderme Billones
and Douglas Dean
married May 20, 2000
at Kuya Ed's restaurant,
Davao, by Judge Ferraris


recent pics of Honeyvie at home and
at Six Flags World of Adventure in Ohio

19607.jpg 20025.jpg 20374.jpg
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21853.jpg 22207.jpg 22566.jpg
22952.jpg 23297.jpg 8689.jpg
9060.jpg 9593.jpg 9909.jpg

earlier photos of love and planning...


Honeyvie and Doug are now starting a MAG-ANAK family,
with many years of happiness ahead!

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