Adora and Duane
US flag
Adora and Duane Smith,
Among the earliest MAG-ANAKERS
Together in Mid-America

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late 2004 photos of Ciara, Adora and Duane Smith in Des Moines, Iowa

adorable Ciara, a Filipina Princess
in Des Moines, Iowa
ah, the magic of a birthday party
when everything is magic
an Official Smith Family Portrait
a Rooster and his Lady
Ciara's world,
on her special day
Ciara and Duane training for
future father-daughter Olympics

October and November, 2003 photos of Ciara, Adora and Duane Smith in Des Moines, Iowa

11503backyard.jpg 11503garage.jpg 11503house.jpg
11503ciara.jpg 11503ciara1.jpg 111ciara.jpg

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Adora Libay and Duane Smith
finally reunited,
at San Francisco Airport
August 12, 1998

The Smith Nuptials,
at Adora's new home, 1998

Adora Smith
coaxing a new friend
over for dinner!

Adora and Duane
marry in the Philippines

not the first kiss,
but one of the best

Duane is fading,
but Adora is ecstatic

Duane's Adora,
always a Filipina Princess!

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