MAG-ANAK - Amparo and Jim
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Amparo Labrado and Jim (CMOS) Martz,
from Manila to Meyersdale, Pennsylvania

This is Jim (aka. Cmos). Well, after nearly 10 years of marriage, our marriage ended July 2010.  I know most people would ask for a page with their former wife to be removed, but I am not.  I am not going to try to remove or forget about my past, as most people try to do. I am not going to try to run or hide from my past.


The reality is that our relationship started with love, just like most others do. And we was happily married for many years. So this page is and will always be valid. But as for what happened to our relationship, I honestly have not even totally figured it out, and probably never will.

Long story made short, she unexpectedly left me, and then refused to work on things.


On a lighter note, maybe in the future I will have a link here to a future wife/fiance, if she is Filipina.

Amparo and Jim,
in Manila together
April 22, 2000

together at the beach
in Abuyog

the McArthur beach monument,
at Tacloban

McArthur Park,
together in Tacloban

things are getting
a littly cozy!

Jim and a family pet
in Abuyog

Amparo, who loves
living things

Amparo and Jim,
with the MAG-ANAK rooster!

Amparo, a Kareoke star,
in Abuyog

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