Filipinas' cars
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Filipinas and Their Cars
a photo collage of affinity
that our ladies have for vehicles

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Real Audio-format video of Eric's Genieve learning to drive
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Cora Pinckard,
Mitsubishi Gallant LS-V6

Jenny Naputi with new,
2002 Toyota Camry XLE
Marissa Stankavich,
super in her Subaru

Ampee Bacon's Ford Windstar,
almost a Jeepney

Adeliza Rains and sister
Teresa with twin Festiva's

Larry's Josie prefers
her's "on the rocks"

Melinda Kerins
in her Thunderbird

Lyn Donovan,
suave with her SUV!

Ivy Peirce, content
with her 98 Ford Contour

Eric's Genieve's
"Blazingly Blue!" 2001 Saturn SC2

Adora Smith, first solo snow drive
1992 Ford Tempo

Abby Berteen, cute and cuddly,
with a new Camaro

Lourdes Lucarelli
loves her limousine!

Cherel Shipley shapely
alongside Mercury Cougar XR7

Lhanie and Andrea,
getting ready for the race!

Julie McDonald,
after trading in sled for
2003 Kia Spectra

EmmyLou Watson sleek
with her Saturn SC2

Victoria Scott loves
her Winstar Van

Ester and her Miata,
Proud of her Parking!

Cheryl Scholz, w/her Mitsubishi Pajero
at Festival Mall, Alabang

Anavilla Mitchell,
trying out her MBX!

Lilah McCrea, exuberant with her
new Dodge Intrepid

Virginia Ballas buffing
her new Mazda 626

Arlene Logan, musing over
her Monte Carlo

Susan Youngblood's trusty
2000 Kawasaki Auri

Jenita's first shot
at driving lessons

Judy Berry showing off
her Chevy Cavalier

Lyn Ramp not to be
outdone by Lyn Donovan

Karma swings
on her Suzuki
Effy Whalen in control
of 1997 Explorer

Grace Marrero
cuddles her 1995 Camaro

Honeyvie Dean,
happy as the driver

Marli Parker's
Super Kia Sportage 4X4

Rosemary Carter's
lovely design

Tim's Lourdes, takes
good care of '98 Kia Sephia

Billy's Eda,
fiery red pride

Dolly Steele
and her Honda

Adora Smith
with her American Jeepney

Vivian Avolio, with new
license and Chrysler Cirrus

Divina Higens (WOW !), with her
2000 Saturn SL2

Craig and Yvonnee Harris
on Yvonnee's favorite camel in Egypt

Oriental Pearl's
1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS,
classy deserves class!

Jiji Sturkey, Philadelphia MX-3
mad about her Mazda

Marites Smart
loving her snowmobile

Mimi Kreider, raves
about her Toyota Rav4

Vie Higby w/hubby
with Minnesota survival vehicles

Maribel Greene swooning
over her Mazda Protege

Vangie Townley, mistress
of her MATRIX!

Maritess Curry,loves her Camry
(w/aunt and Kinah)

Fe with new Jeep Liberty
and "liberty" driver's license

Ligaya O'Brien's 1999
Nissan Maxima,
and darn happy about it!
Naty DeFrances and the
Backseat Boys,
with Naty's Acura MDX

Julie Hess content with
1999 Ford Contour

Salie Haines, blessed with
PT cruiser and BABY!

Lyn Candeias, in charge
with her special '91 Miata

Janet Smith,
2005 Ford Focus ZX3

Marilie Woodland,
a hot "GMC Jimmy" babe

Vie Daughton,
Paradise in Westminster

Grace Pearson's Trailblazer,
blazing a Pinay Path!

Flora Taylor's new wheels,
elated in Baltimore
Nicole Mashburn's new
Mercedes, the first car that is really hers

Diosa Denson,
with "learning car"

Melanie Smith, master of
her Suburu Legacy Outback

Rizza Pinkard,
proud and prosperous Pinay!

Alicia Everhart,
trucking in 2001 Chevy Tracker

Jhoanna Main showing how
to make a Dodge Daytona
look great!

Not to be outdone by Craig
and Yvonnee above, Liecel,
Akira and their daughter Tamar
ride in on an elephant.
Zena Marcotte ready to plow some snow
Zena Marcotte on the Snow Plow
with Michel looking over the situation
Olivia and her "Ride"
Olivia getting ready to drive to the store to show off her new ride. 
Belinda Karras and her Honda
Belinda Karras in her new Honda CR-V.  Wonder who is Prouder, Belinda of her car or George of his wife?  Yeah, they are both just as proud as the ohter.

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