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Josie and Bob Kelley
US flag
Josie and "Monterey" Bob Kelley
a new start!
with romance in Baguio

Daniel Angelo Cabuntas Kelley, born November 14, 2001
AKA "Little Monterey Bob"
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Josie and Bob,
yep, at Mine's View
most romantic spot
in the universe


Another view of
"Mine's View"
we've all been there,
but not with Josie

There is no end
to our enjoyment
of scenic Mine's View!

Okay, Bob,
just one last
view of "Mine's View"

Josie and Bob at
Good Shepherd's Nunnery
store, best "honey"
in the Philippines!

Nope, no Bob here,
just Josie
at Coco Beach

Bob, with Josie
at Josie's family home
to be scrutinized
by Josie's folks

Looks like Bob
is beginning
to make progress
with the family

Bob's farewell pic,
final moment
before the beginning!
"Guy's from Monterey
don't cry"

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